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Powder coating is a superior color change coating which will provide your residential metal products a tougher, longer lasting finish over traditional paint. Powder coating is found on a wide range of everyday products around the house such as shelving, appliances, and metal furniture. If you're looking for a coating that will protect your investment while resisting damage, wear, and tear, then powder coating is your solution!


At Powder Coat Phoenix, we can blast, powder, and bake just about any metal product you bring us. We have the tools, training, and equipment to bring your metal goods to life with a wide variety of colors and expert application. 


We offer full-service residential powder coating services for Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale and surrounding areas in Arizona. 

Tool Boxes

Powder coating is the perfect application for tool boxes. Tool boxes are subject to a lot of abuse, heavy metal tools are tossed and banged around as they are removed and placed back in the box over and over again. Powder coating will provide improved resistant to chipping, scratching, and dents and will even protect the metal from rust and corrosion. It doesn't take long for traditional paint to start chipping and flaking on a tool box paving the way for dreaded rust to consume the metal on your investment. 


Upgrade your plain jane mailbox to give it some character and style! Powder coating your mailbox will give it a fresh, custom appearance while protecting it from the weather, dirt, and rust. We can custom coat your mailbox in a wide variety of colors and finishes so you'll be the talk of the neighborhood. 

Deck Railings

Deck and stair railings are a major investment that is subject to a lot of abuse. Whether you're looking to revive your old railings or change the color of your new railings, powder coating is the perfect solution to keep them protected from the environment while ensuring minimal maintenance is required to keep them looking fantastic. 

Curtain Rods

How often do you think about your curtain rods? Metal curtain rods are a prime candidate for powder coating. If you have a durable set of rods that you want to spruce up, give them a custom powder coat to match the rest of your décor and them from wear and rust. With powder coating, you'll never have to think about them again!

Racks & Shelving

Racks and shelves are subject to a lot of wear and tear as things are set, slid, and stuffed on them. Powder coating will protect them from wear and corrosion while simultaneously making them easier to clean up and even match your interior decor. 


Giving your appliances a powder coat finish allows you to create or complement a custom color or design. It also gives them a long-lasting finish that stands up to the demands of everyday living and last a lifetime. Whether you're looking to refurbish that trusty mixer or protect your new metal blender, powder coating will stand up to daily use and abuse for years to come. 

Outdoor Furniture

Powder coating will give your outdoor furniture protection from the elements. The flexibility of powder coating offers improved resistance to chipping and scratches, protection from rust, and will continue looking fantastic for years to come. Powder coating will even help resist color fading from the harsh Arizona sun!

Bicycle Frames

Do you have an old bike that needs an upgrade in the looks department? Powder coating is a great solution for bicycle frames. You’ll have a wide range of color options and the finish will be able to withstand the elements, flexing, and impacts of riding. Ride in style with a powder coated frame.

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